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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Captain Parker's Investigation

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Refugees at the Aerotech Office Park are being swindled by Keith's gambling operation and are getting addicted thanks to his drug dealing. Captain Parker wants you to find some evidence of his crimes. If you want some easy money and want to help the NCR, just look here for the quick solution.

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    Captain Parker - Starting the Invesigation

    You can do this quick unmarked quest by going to the Aerotech Office Park. You can find Captain Parker sitting outside by the entrance during the day. He usually sleeps in the tent outside at night. Find him at either location and talk to him and he'll mention his problems with Keith and his suspicious behavior. He'll give you a note promising a nice reward if you can prove that he's dealing drugs or cheating at cards. Note that you should probably grab “The Coyotes" while you're here too.

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    Investigating Keith

    Fallout: new Vegas Walkthrough - Aerotech Office Park - Captain Parker and Keith This investigation is quite easy to do. It's a good way to pick up quick caps and is especially easy if you have skills in Speech or Barter. Go into the Aerotech Office Park Suite 200 and look for the one named man in the red jumpsuit. Keith can be talked into cooperating pretty easily. If you've got 45 points in Barter, he should be willing to reveal just about everything to you and even sell you some Jet. If you've got 60 points in Speech, you can call him out as a fellow con man and convince him to reveal his tricks.

    If you can do either of these, you will have your evidence. If you can't pass the Speech check or the Barter check, go into one of the back offices and search for his pack of marked cards in the desk. Go through the corridor with the abandoned rooms and look for the one desk that is marked as owned (it counts as stealing). If you open this desk, you'll find a bunch of playing cards and also find his hidden pack of marked cards. This also naturally counts as evidence.

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    Arresting Keith

    Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Arresting Keith with Captain Parker Go talk to Captain Parker and reveal your successful investigation. He'll pay a few caps for your quick investigation, and offer an extra chunk of change if you help him in the arrest. There's no reason that you shouldn't agree to this. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    Follow Captain Parker as he slowly walks over to the Aerotech Office Suite 200, and watch the scene play out as he arrests Keith. Surprisingly, this goes in the opposite direction that you might expect. After your front row seat to an execution, you can talk to Captain Parker and get another 100 caps. There's nothing else that you can do about it. He's still an NCR officer and still in charge. Killing him will just make the rest of the compound hostile and it will cost you a lot of NCR reputation too. Just take your extra caps and walk away.

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