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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - The Finger of Suspicion

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Supporters of Caesar's Legion will want to help out with their ongoing operations in New Vegas. This walkthrough will cover the short mission "The Finger of Suspicion" that you must complete to learn of Curtis' loyalties and gain access to "I Put a Spell on You."

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    The Finger of Suspicion - Introduction

    You can get this quest after you are allowed to visit Caesar at the Legion Fort. Inside Caesar's tent, you'll find Vulpes Inculta beside the throne (obviously he won't be there if you killed him in Nipton). Talk to Vulpes after you prove your loyalty to Caesar to learn about a bit of trouble that they're having in New Vegas. An informant will probably be killed if you don't step in and help her. This is a pretty straightforward mission and it won't take too long to complete. Bring a good weapon and go back to New Vegas.

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    The Finger of Suspicion - A Quick Rescue

    Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Caesar's Legion Quests - The Finger of Suspicion Once you're back in New Vegas, walk further along the strip to the Vault 21 Gift Shop. Go inside and head downstairs into the hotel portion of the vault. You should have a maker on your map for one of the hotel rooms just past the big recreation area. Walk past the crowd until you make it to the room.

    Inside, you'll find three Omerta thugs holding Martina Groesbeck at gunpoint. If you plan to attack them, I suggest that you just attack them from behind. No reason to keep things fair if you're just going to kill them. Along that line, killing them is a fine solution. There should be one thug armed with a knife, or other melee weapon, and two thugs with guns. Take out the melee thug quickly in VATS to clear your line of sight, then pick off the other two in whatever order you wish. If you have a shotgun or a decent melee weapon, they should actually die really quickly. They're just wearing basic suits and I assume you have some basic armor that you can wear along with a half decent weapon. Your biggest problem will probably be avoiding friendly fire in these tight quarters.

    You have a few additional options if you don't want to fight, and Vulpes will be a little happier with these solutions.

    If you've completed "How Little We Know" in any way, then there will be a special option in which you can point out that you know their bosses quite well. By calling in this favor, they'll back down without firing a shot.

    If you have 50 points in Speech, you can scare them by claiming that she's a Legion agent. This will convince them to back down and also end the confrontation without firing a shot.

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    The Finger of Suspicion - Wrapup

    Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - The Finger of Suspicion Once the men are taken care of, talk to Martina Groesbeck. All you really need to do is talk to her and confirm that she's alright. If you choose to ask her about her role with the Legion, she'll just be surprised and state that she works with Captain Curtis and the NCR. Things have gotten a little interesting, it seems.

    Head back to the Legion Fort and talk to Vulpes Inculta to confirm that Curtis is a deep cover agent for the Legion. Since you already know his identity, you'll be allowed to help him with his latest sabotage project in the Legion side of "I Put a Spell on You."