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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Ant Misbehavin'

by: TJSonntag ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/2/2012 • Leave a comment

The Ant Misbehavin' quest offered by Raquel of the Boomers will help you toward several achievements, such as those involving the killing of abominations and insects. But where is that stupid power switch?

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    The Boomers

    240px-Ant Misbehavin While working with Yes Man toward a change in the New Vegas leadership and power structure, you will be sent to check out the Boomers, holed up in Nellis Air Force Base. Getting there is the largest part of the battle, since they will be raining artillery down on your head as you advance toward the base. Get there in one piece and you'll be rewarded by Pearl's invitation to help folks out around the area. The easiest way to do this is by heading east from Field's Shack, where you will encounter George along the side of the road. Chat him up for hints and tips on how to best dodge the explosions and you'll have a much easier time making your way through.

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    Getting the quest

    240px-Raquel The first quest giver you'll encounter is Raquel, and she asks you to clear the giant ants out of the generator room while restoring the power. She doesn't believe you'll succeed, but you're going to show her. If you can reach either a Science or Speech skill of 50, you can take a bonus quest from her friend Loyal at the Hangar. This bonus quest will help tremendously in the ant killing aspect, so go find him and get his transmitter. Since you're there, might as will pick up anything else he has to offer at this point. You can also talk to Jack for a dating quest and a clue on how to build your faction rep with the Boomers. It seems Jack has a burning need for any Scrap Metal you can come up with.

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    Completing the quest

    250px-Nellis Airforce Base Now head over to the objective target on your map, entering from the west side of the building. Before you start killing, know that these ants will explode upon dying if hit with any type of energy weapon. Of course, you can always take them out in a huge chain reaction with a plasma mine, but it's safer to just use good old fashioned guns and ammo. Make your way into the basement of this building, killing ants as you go, and look for the dirt pile in the southern corner. That's where you will plant--and activate--the transmitter. As soon as you see the objective completed notice, you can focus on firing up those generators. They're both in the second area of the basement along the eastern wall.

    Now head back up the stairs, pausing at the first landing to flip the main power switch. You're done! You can report back to Raquel and Loyal to let them know how successful you've been. If you want to really boost their opinion of you beforehand, stop by the museum and listen to the entirety of Pete's tour for a big faction reputation bonus.

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