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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Anywhere I Wander

by: TJSonntag ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

NCR quests are some of the most basic in Fallout: New Vegas, so you want to make sure you complete all you can before the final showdown. The Anywhere I Wander quest will help point you toward a huge quest hub.

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    The quest

    240px-Renolds This quest is offered by Private Renolds, an NCR soldier in the Mojave Wasteland. When you encounter Renolds near the Techatticup Mine, he has just survived a Legion attack and boy, is he mad. If you can reach a Barter skill of at least 45, make sure to ask if he thinks his friends are still alive. You can probably talk him into some type of monetary incentive to go check out his issue for him. Once you have accepted his request, it's time to go break out some NCR hostages from Caesar's Legion. Renolds tells you that some guy named "Alexus" seems to be behind the attack, so you can bet you'll be speaking to him soon enough.

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    How to complete

    240px-Alexus If your Legion rep is low you'll be attacked on site. Your strategy will largely depend on what the Legion thinks of you at this point. If you are shunned or vilified, your best bet will be to kill them all, including Alexus at the bottom of the mine tunnel, before attempting to release the prisoners. If those NCR lads die in your charge, you'll fail the quest, so you don't want bullets flying while they're trying to run out. If you're on the Legion's good side, however, you may be able to just mosey on down to Alexus and try reasoning with him. If he denies you, you can always pickpocket the storage key from him, or even just pick the locks on the cells.

    Regardless of your strategy, you can expect an attack once the soldiers have been untied. That is, of course, unless you eliminated all of your opponents beforehand, which is the preferred method given an NCR lean to your loyalties. If you're going for an evil character, however, you may be able to avoid the attack; make sure you save before entering the cell just in case things go south on you.

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    Now what?

    240px-CampForlornHope After turning in to Reynolds, he will tell you about Camp Forlorn Hope, a nearby NCR location. You know those NCR dogtags you've been picking up here and there? Well, Camp Forlorn Hope is where you'll acquire the unmarked quest to turn them in. There are several other quests available here, too, so it's a rather important hub for the NCR faction.

    Don't be too slow about your business, regardless of which strategy you take. There are Legion assassins waiting nearby and they have it out for our friend Private Reynolds. You want to make sure you've got his buddies freed and you've spoken to him before the Legion takes him out for good. There doesn't appear to any way to save Reynolds in the long term, so the best you can do is to ease his mind about his captured friends before he dies a painful, Legion-induced death.