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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Killing Motor-Runner

by: Sarah Lambert ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Colonol Hsu has another task for you, but this will not be an easy one. Use this guide on killing Motor-Runner to complete the Colonol's task without even breaking a sweat.

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    As with other Fallout games the choices that a player makes throughout the game ultimately affect how the game will end. This Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough on Killing Motor Runner will help you make the easiest choice. In order to kill Motor-Runner you must first talk to Colonol Hsu until he mentions Motor-Runner and a ranger that went missing in Vault 3. The Vault is located to the west of Camp McCarran within the Fiend Territory.

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    Vault 3

    Motor-Runner When entering Vault 3 you need to make an important decision. If you simply enter the Vault you will have to battle your way through many fiends. This can be extremely difficult. The easier method would be to convince the fiend at the Vault door that you are a Khan, or you can put on Great Khans clothes to enter the vault peacefully. This way none of the fiends will be hostile towards you and you can proceed easily through the next stage of the Vault.

    Once inside the Vault you will need to turn left and continue until you come across a door with “Living Quarters" marked on it. Once through this door take your first left and open up the last door in the hallway. Be careful as there is a trap in this area. A grenade will go off once you enter this hallway. The best way to avoid the grenade’s blast is to run quickly down the hallway and take the stairs to the left. Then quickly run through the door to avoid the blast from the grenade.

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    The Ranger

    After surviving the grenade blast you will come into contact with the missing ranger: Bryce Anders. The conversation will start off withThe Ranger  him telling you that he is going to kill Motor-Runner and he just needs a little more time to get the job done. From here you have several options:

    • You can choose to heal the Ranger using one of your Doctor’s badges. Then you can then tell him to help you kill Motor-Runner or you can convince him that his injuries are too severe and he must go back to Camp MaCarran.
    • You can also choose not to heal the Ranger and kill him instead. Or you can convince him that he is healthy enough to kill Motor-Runner without your help. This will cause him to die and you will earn negative karma.

    The best option is to convince the Ranger to go back to Camp McCarran. As the Ranger leaves he will open a passage that leads to the Maintenance Room which is where Motor-Runner is located. Thankfully the fiends will remain peaceful.

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    Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Killing Motor-Runner

    Assuming you are fighting Motor-Runner alone you can kill him using a silenced weapon, or a melee attack. If you use a regular weapon the fiends will become hostile and will starting attacking you.

    You can also pick pocket Motor-Runner and plant a C4 charge on him. If you detonate the charge while hidden the fiends will not attack you.

    After completing these steps you will have successfully killed Motor-Runner and in the process moved even closer to completing the game.

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